Welcome to NETAP081

This is a production server.
Do not make any changes on this server.
Do not alter permissions on any folder.


Services Directory (http)
Services Directory (https)
Services Directory (http:6080)

Server Manager
Server Administrator
Web Adapter

What's New

The latest versions of ESRI ArcGIS for Server and other software are installed on this server.

Software Version
ArcGIS for Server 10.3.1
ArcGIS Web Adapter 10.3.1
ArcGIS License Manager 10.3.1
ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 3.7

Encryption (SSL) is enabled through the IIS web server and the ArcGIS Web Adapter.
Authentication is ArcGIS Token-based.
Web pages are available through http (port 80) or https (port 443).
Map services are available through http, https or directly through ArcGIS Server (http:port 6080).
Use the fully qualified server name.


Use http, http:6080 or https to set up a connection to use map services.


Use https to set up a connection to administer map services.


All administrator links use https only.
Administrator access is enabled through the Web Adapter.
Administrator access directly through ArcGIS Server (ports http:6080 or https:6443) is not available.

Protocol Summary
Task http
Web Pages OK NA OK NA
Services Directory OK OK OK NA
Use Map Services OK OK OK NA
Publish Map Services NO NO OK NA
Server Manager NO NO OK NO
Server Administrator NO NO OK NO

How do I get started?

Install ArcGIS for Desktop
Use Map Services
Use GIS Databases
Request a login to the GIS database
Change your password to the GIS database
Find online training courses from ESRI
Change the Spatial Reference

City of Phoenix
Geographic Information Services
Updated 06/22/2015